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Press Releases


November 28, 2003
June 17, 2003
January 31, 2003
Coming Soon From LCSI- Enriched Math™
October 17, 2002
LCSI RELEASES Journal Zone for the MAC
July 11, 2002
Journal Zone is the proud Winner of District Administration Magazine's Top 100 Honors
July 11, 2002
Logo Computer Systems Inc. and Rainbow Bring MicroWorlds Pro to Greece
November 5, 2001
Journal Zone™ from LCSI is now available!
July 27, 2001
LCSI'S MICROWORLDS PRO™ Is recognized By the Minister of Education of France.
July 20, 2001
LCSI's Book "Learning MicroWorlds Pro™ by Dr. Tom Lough is awarded the College of Education Award for Outstanding Faculty Creative Activity.
July 20, 2001
Coming Soon From LCSI- Journal Zone™
February 21, 2001
Building connections between high school and elementary school students through information and communications technology
November 23, 2000
Montreal Company Poised to Help Russian Schools
June 5, 2000
LCSI's MicroWorlds Pro wins Curriculum Administrator's "2000 Districts's Choice Top 100 Products" Award
June 1, 2000
LCSI releases Macintosh version of MicroWorlds Pro
May 8, 2000
The Secretary of Education of Bogotá selects MicroWorlds Pro for their public schools
April 15, 1999
LCSI announces the availability of MicroWorlds Pro
April 2, 1998
LCSI Announces the MicroWorlds Web Player
March 30, 1998
MicroWorlds Version 2.03 for Macintosh is now Available from LCSI
November 13, 1997
LCSI Announces the "Home-Use-Option" of LCSI Software
November 13, 1997
Costa Rica Chooses MicroMundosTM for a Country-Wide Purchase
October 3, 1997
LCSI Awards Elementary Technology Education Grant to the Virginia Department of Education
September 25, 1997
Baltimore County Purchases MicroWorldsTM for its 164 Schools


A Word From Our President

"Since the inception of LCSI in 1981, we have provided our customers around the world with the highest quality educational products and service. We at LCSI continue in our over 20-year tradition of developing software that supports student learning and a constructivist philosophy. We strive to constantly improve the materials we provide for students and the support we give to teachers. When you combine our consistently learner-focused philosophy with our ongoing research-based design, you end up with exciting learning tools that are, I am proud to say, the core components of programs in educational institutions around the world."

Michael A. Quinn

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