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Susan Einhorn

Michael A. Quinn

Sergei Soprunov
Director of R & D

Elena Yakovleva
Director of Product Design

Susan Einhorn, Chairperson

Ms. Einhorn has worked for LCSI since 1984. During this time, her major focus has been on the design and development of new products, including the LogoWriter products, LEGOŽ/Logo, and the MicroWorlds series of products. Her guiding vision in designing new technology tools is that, in education, process is the product. The thinking and learning processes developed during childhood have a lifelong impact on how the adults of the future will approach new challenges and opportunities.

Ms. Einhorn has co-authored a number of student and teacher guides and has made presentations at numerous educational conferences, including NECC, EdMedia 2000, and regional conferences such as MICCA, ECCO, NYSCATE and NJAET.

For seven years, Ms. Einhorn served as the Director of Marketing at LCSI. While in this position, Ms. Einhorn negotiated major distribution agreements with IBM Latin America and the Ministry of Education of Israel. From 2001 to 2005, she served as LCSI's Executive Vice President, overseeing the design and development of new products as well as helping to determine and direct the strategic direction of the Company. From 2005 to 2007 she served as President of LCSI taking a lead role in the formation of the Constructivist Consortium.

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Michael A. Quinn, President

Mr. Quinn was re-appointed President of LCSI in the summer of 2007. Since
the summer of 2005, he held the position of Chairman of LCSI. Prior to
that appointment, he held the position of President of LCSI for a period of
18 years. During his tenure as President, Mr. Quinn expanded company sales to Latin America, Asia and the Middle East. He closed major sales agreements
with the Governments of Costa Rica, State of Jalisco, State of Aguascalientes and the City of Bogota.

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Susan Einhorn Chairperson
Michael Quinn President
Philip Ivanier Head of Convergence
Emerging Technology & Services
Telecom New Zealand


A Word From Our President

"Since the inception of LCSI in 1981, we have provided our customers around the world with the highest quality educational products and service. We at LCSI continue in our over 20-year tradition of developing software that supports student learning and a constructivist philosophy. We strive to constantly improve the materials we provide for students and the support we give to teachers. When you combine our consistently learner-focused philosophy with our ongoing research-based design, you end up with exciting learning tools that are, I am proud to say, the core components of programs in educational institutions around the world."

Michael A. Quinn

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