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LCSI, FableVision, Generation YES, Inspiration Software, SchoolKit & Tech4Learning form The Constructivist Consortium

Torrance, CA - June 18, 2007 - A new marketing alliance, The Constructivist Consortium, will be launched at the National Educational Computing Conference, June 24-27, 2007 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The Constructivist Consortium represents unprecedented collaboration between six publishing companies committed to children, creativity and constructivist learning.

Veteran educator Dr. Gary Stager serves as the executive director of the Constructivist Consortium. "Working together, the six companies can increase their visibility in a chaotic marketplace," said Stager. "These companies recognize that computers are important instruments in the lives of kids and all support an unprecedented variety of learning experiences expressed through personally meaningful projects. Computers don't need to be used in passive ways or to reinforce outdated classroom practice." This common mission unites the six Founding Member companies.

The Constructivist Consortium's collaborative marketing and advocacy efforts are intended to celebrate classroom innovation. The Constructivist Consortium's companies see it as part of their corporate and civic missions to give voice to creative educators and create venues in which they may be refreshed, inspired and feel less isolated. To this end The Consortium is sponsoring The Constructivist Celebration, a sold-out full-day event at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on June 24th. A second event is planned for NYSCATE 2007 in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Stager says, "At a deeper level we are establishing community to break down the barriers to communication often as impermeable as the cinderblock walls of school. The Constructivist Celebration unites more than 100 educators from around the world who will spend a day creating together - with laptops and clay and software and the Atlanta Botanical Garden as constructive material. Each participant will receive software from the member companies and will return to their schools or districts excited about new tools and more importantly, a renewed confidence in their professional practice." Award-winning artist, author, software developer and animator Peter Reynolds and Gary Stager start the day with a keynote address followed by five hours of hands-on creativity and a closing discussion designed to excite the imagination of the attendees.

Member companies produce products designed to inspire classroom creativity and place children at the enter of the learning process.

Information about The Constructivist Consortium and its member companies may be found at Contact Gary Stager at for more information or to arrange interviews with Consortium members.

Quotes from Founding Members
"Today, more than ever, educators need to see that there are alternatives to rote learning and testing. LCSI is happy to join with other likeminded publishers and educators who believe that in order for students to be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, it's important to engage them with exploratory learning environments where they construct their own knowledge by building on new and powerful ideas." (Susan Einhorn, President of Logo Computer Systems, Inc.)

"When students use visual learning to construct their own knowledge, they focus not just on the subject or lesson being taught, but on the process of learning. As a result, they build the thinking skills necessary to achieve at the highest levels and to become successful, contributing members of 21st century society," said Mona Westhaver, president and co-founder, Inspiration Software. "As a founding member of the Constructivist Consortium, we are proud to collaborate with other education companies who share our vision for the ways that technology can help educators create student-driven learning environments." (Mona Westhaver, President and Co-Founder, Inspiration Software.)

"This new network brings these innovative firms together in a powerful new way - all of us are intent on making creating a pervasive movement to bring constructivist sensibilities to bear in all classrooms." (Paul Reynolds, President of FableVision)

"Tech4Learning is committed to empowering students with the creative application of computers and is proud to join with the other companies on efforts to raise awareness about the constructivist uses of technology in education." (David Wagner, President of Tech4Learning)

"With the effectiveness of educational technology being questioned, the Ed Tech industry is morally obliged to help schools separate the wheat from the chaff. At SchoolKiT, we believe the Constructivist Consortium will help educators to be critical consumers so that students do use technology effectively to think and act critically and creatively." (Adam Smith, President of SchoolKiT)

"Technology offers students the opportunity to create, learn, and collaborate in ways never before possible. All these companies working together means teachers will find more support as they empower students to own their own learning." (Sylvia Martinez, President of Generation YES)

Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) was incorporated in 1980 and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. LCSI develops and markets a line of award winning constructivist educational products, including the critically acclaimed MicroWorlds line of school products, Enriched Math, Journal Zone and the My Make Believe family of early learning software. As an award-winning publisher of software for K-12 schools, LCSI is active around the world in major technology projects that are instrumental in transforming education.