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Schoolzone evaluation of MicroWorlds JR

Software Reviews for Teachers - Diving into MicroWorlds Jr

UK Educational Resources reviews MicroWorlds EX

May 2003

District Administraiton Magazine highlights Enriched Math in its Curriculum Focus on Supplemental Material for the classroom. 

For more information visit the Classroom Tools section of District Adminsitraiton Magazine (May 2003)

April 2003
Our latest software, Enriched Math, is categorized as a product to watch for by T.H.E. Journal editors.

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Summer 2002

Journal Zone gets reviewed by Judi Mathis Johnson in the Summer 2002 issue of Learning & Leading with Technology (Volume 29 Number 8)

Summertime Software
" Summer break is approaching and whether you have one week or three months, I have found some excellent programs that might need extra time to examine. Not because they are extensive- although some are- but because the programs may help you teach differently than before..."
"Journal Zone is a program that takes times for the new possibilities in
teaching and learning to be fully realized, but it is well worth the time."

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September 2002

Journal Zone gets selected by Converge editors as a product that may be of particular interest and value to educators.

Think with This
A look at PDAs, Net appliances, education initiatives and professional development products on the market.
By John Fleischman - September 2002 Converge Magazine

Learning to Learn : " Can younger students use technology as a tool to effectively learn from each other and to learn how to learn?"

March 15th, 2002

Journal Zone gets reviewed by Kristen Kennedy, senior editor of T&L Magazine!

Writing Across The Curriculum With New Composition Tools
"Journal Zone's sentence starters give kids a way to think and write about solving problems."

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Magazine/Article What's it about?
Logo Exchange
Making MicroWorlds Music
Learn how MW offers several ways of working with music
Logo Exchange
Clever Kids and Computers: The Future Down Under!
An overview of a workshop, serving as a model for further exploration of the ways in which Logo like experiences can be used to develop and enhance the special abilities of gifted kids
Logo Exchange
Putting MicroWorlds Projects on the Web
MW users can share their Logo projects via the Web
Learning & Leading with Technology
MicroWorlds in Avalon
Fred & Catie D'Ignazio share their MW workshop experience in Avalon, Australia
Learning & Leading with Technology
My Make Believe Castle -An Epic Adventure in Problem Solving
Teachers around the US implemented MMBC in grades K-3 and share their observations
Logo Exchange
MicroWorlds for Munchkins
Using MW in the primary level
Learning & Leading with Technology
From Presentation to Programming
Students use MW for presentations and to build and manipulate their own environments
Logo Exchange
Tips for Making Multimedia with MicroWorlds 2.0
Tips for using MW's multimedia features


A Word From Our President

"Since the inception of LCSI in 1981, we have provided our customers around the world with the highest quality educational products and service. We at LCSI continue in our over 20-year tradition of developing software that supports student learning and a constructivist philosophy. We strive to constantly improve the materials we provide for students and the support we give to teachers. When you combine our consistently learner-focused philosophy with our ongoing research-based design, you end up with exciting learning tools that are, I am proud to say, the core components of programs in educational institutions around the world."

Michael A. Quinn

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