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For release May 8, 2000
Contact: Lea Iaricci
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MONTREAL - Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) today announced that the Secretary of Education of Bogotá has selected two of its products for use in the public school system. Each public school in Bogotá will receive MicroMundos Pro and Mi Isla de Fantasía. In addition LCSI will provide teacher training and technical support.

The final agreement was brought to a conclusion with the assistance of the OEI (Organización De Estados Iberoamericanos) in Colombia. LCSI also worked with the Canadian Embassy in Colombia for issues related to licensing, intellectual property rights and tax requirements.

Presently there are approximately 1200 public schools in Bogotá. The plan is to use Mi Isla de Fantasía in the primary level and MicroMundos Pro in the upper elementary level. Teachers can also use the software at their home to prepare for their classrooms. Teachers can also access LCSI's Project Library at the LCSI web site (available in several languages, including Spanish). They will find many project ideas in different subject areas as well as contributions from students and teachers from all over the world.

LCSI strongly believes in the importance of Staff Development by providing support services that will help teachers make more effective use of MicroWorlds Pro. It is generally recognized that effective use of MicroWorlds Pro in schools is directly related to the quality of teacher education. Our past experience shows that teachers who have invested in our Staff Development services found the training to be of extreme value. LCSI, together with the Secretary of Education of Bogotá, planned a special staff development program so that the teachers of Bogotá will become familiar and comfortable with the software. This will ensure that MicroWorlds Pro can be integrated into classroom activities.


Secretary of Education of Bogotá selects MicroWorlds Pro from LCSI

LCSI's President, Mr. Michael A. Quinn, has participated in three of the recent Team Canada Missions. Each trip has lead to signing deals in Mexico, Japan and Korea. "I am very pleased to have signed an agreement that will allow schools in another country to join our growing family of MicroWorlds Pro users across the world. It also gives me great pleasure to see that since its release a year ago; MicroWorlds Pro has been adopted in several countries for statewide purchases. I foresee tremendous international business opportunities in the future for LCSI" concluded Mr. Quinn.

MicroWorlds Pro allows students to create dynamic, interactive school and Internet projects. It lets students become active web designers not just passive web viewers. Teachers and students can get a real sense of the depth and breadth of this powerful multimedia programming environment. MicroWorlds Pro helps develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. It is so versatile it can be used in any subject area. MicroWorlds Pro is available in English, Spanish, Japanese and French. New language versions will become available soon.

My Make Believe Treasure Isle, uses the power of a child's imagination to propel learning adventures on a treasure island. Problem solving and logical reasoning skills are reinforced through a series of challenging activities. My Make Believe Treasure Isle is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

LCSI, incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets a line of award winning constructivist educational products, including the critically acclaimed, logo-based MicroWorlds line of school products. MicroWorlds is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese. Since its inception, LCSI is the recipient of 27 major awards for its products.

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