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For release September 25, 1997
Contact: Lea Iaricci
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Baltimore County Purchases MicroWorlds for its 164 Schools

MONTREAL -- Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) today announced that Baltimore County Public Schools (Baltimore, MD), has purchased MicroWorlds 2.0 for all of its 164 schools,

K-12. Each school will receive a site license that enables them to install the software on an unlimited number of computers or a network. Baltimore County is the fourth largest school system in MD with approximately 6,000 teachers and about 104,000 students.

"MicroWorlds 2.0 supports two of the Learning Goals for Educational Technology in the Baltimore County Public Schools - Computer Science and Productivity. Computer Science indicators for grades K-12 enable our students to demonstrate knowledge of a structured language to solve problems and to extend human capabilities through technology. The Productivity indicators give our students tools to demonstrate the ability to create computer-generated products to communicate ideas. MicroWorlds 2.0 is an excellent tool for meeting these learning goals and their indicators."

"We found MicroWorlds 2.0 to be an excellent software program for using educational technology across the curriculum," said Thea Jones, Supervisor in the Department of Information Technology. "It can be used at all grade levels to teach programming concepts and for the creation of multimedia, interdisciplinary student productions. Our school system was an early user of LOGO-based software and MicroWorlds 2.0, with its turtle graphics, will also give us continuity in teaching these skills. We are looking forward to the use of MicroWorlds 2.0 and to training our teachers to integrate MicroWorlds 2.0 into their teaching."

"We at LCSI are delighted that out of all the excellent software packages that are available today, Baltimore County has chosen MicroWorlds to be in each of its schools. We see the Baltimore City purchase as part of a larger trend of school districts moving away from basic multimedia authoring software in favor of logo-based software like MicroWorlds that offer a deeper and richer creation environment," said Ron Revere, LCSI National Sales Manager.

MicroWorlds is the most advanced and easy-to-use Logo ever. Its unique learning environment provides students with simple, yet powerful, commands and tools so that they can create impressive projects for any subject in the curriculum. And because MicroWorlds treats all types of digital media (video, pictures, sounds, buttons, etc.) as objects with a single name, it's easier to learn and use. MicroWorlds doesn't limit students to presentation-style multimedia projects. Its open-ended constructivist design ensures that the creation of a computer-based student project is not a "cutting and pasting" of digital media but a rigorous thinking exercise.

MicroWorlds 2.0 is now Internet ready. You can easily display your student's projects on the web for viewing by other students and schools around the world. A "plug-in" for the Windows 95 versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator 2.5+ was released by LCSI at NECC 97 in Seattle. The new plug-in enables Internet surfers, who don't own MicroWorlds, to experience via the World Wide Web, the interactivity and very powerful animation capabilities of MicroWorlds 2.0 (Win 95). Any project created using MicroWorlds 2.0 (Win 95) may be viewed on the web using the plug-in. The plug-in is available for free downloading from LCSI's web site (

MicroWorlds 2.0 is available for color Macintosh computers with System 7 and for computers with Windows 95. MicroWorlds 1.0 is available for PC-DOS/Windows 3.1 computers.

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LCSI, incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets a line of award-winning constructivist educational products, including the critically acclaimed, logo-based MicroWorlds line of school products and the My Make Believe family of home/school early learning software. For more information about LCSI and its products, click here for ways to contact LCSI.

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