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For Release July 11, 2002
Contact: Lea Iaricci, LCSI
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Logo Computer Systems Inc. and Rainbow Bring MicroWorlds Pro to Greece

July 11, 2002, Montreal - Logo Computer Systems Incorporated (LCSI) is excited to announce its latest successful business endeavor overseas- inclusion of MicroWorlds Pro in the Greek educational system. This latest international achievement brings LCSI's MicroWorlds Pro into schools all over Greece in a deal arranged by LCSI's distributor in Greece, Rainbow Computer SA.

"We are extremely excited to be a major player in the Greek educational market," says Michael A. Quinn, President of Logo Computer Systems Incorporated. "Rainbow has made it possible for us to reach a whole new group of creative minds."

"The quality of the product and LCSI's cooperative attitude and willingness to understand and respond to the local educational needs, has prompted the Greek Ministry of Education to use MicroWorlds Pro in elementary schools," says George Vamialis, President of the Board and Managing Director of Rainbow Computer SA. "Today, MicroWorlds Pro (Greek Edition) is fully localized and available with Greek manuals for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. LCSI and Rainbow are working together to take all the necessary steps to effectively support its current and future customer base and we firmly believe that in the near future MicroWorlds Pro will be generalized within the Greek educational system. It takes a long term vision and commitment to see a project through a relatively long period of development until rewarded by success and LCSI has demonstrated that it can provide whatever it takes to make that happen. We are thankful and very enthusiastic about the future of our co-operation."

Rainbow, who was responsible for fully localizing MicroWorlds Pro for the Greek market, has brought LCSI's exciting program to approximately 2000 schools all over Greece. The Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs had put out a Call for Tender in early April 2002 and set specific hardware and software specifications for both the equipment and the Logo programming itself. MicroWorlds Pro, which Rainbow distributes in Greece and Cyprus, met the standards set by these specifications which included a fully localized environment, visual programming, high levels of interactivity, and web publishing options. Logo is the first programming language that has been fully localized in Greek.

The internationally recognized MicroWorlds Pro allows students to create dynamic, interactive school and Internet projects using the most powerful Logo ever developed. It allows students the opportunity to become active web designers and not just passive web viewers. Teachers and students can use MicroWorlds Pro to get a real sense of the depth and breadth of this powerful multimedia programming environment. MicroWorlds Pro helps develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills and can be used in any subject area.

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