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Montreal - April 15, 2005 -Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) is proud to announce the availability of a Mac OS X version of MicroWorlds JRT,- the latest member of the award-winning MicroWorlds family. Designed for children in pre-K through grade 3, MicroWorlds JR allows young students to create their own on screen environments and add objects that they can control using sequences of Logo-based iconic instructions.

MicroWorlds JR, with its simple, point and click interface and comprehensive audio help, is ideal for pre-readers and beginning readers. The integration of multimedia tools (painting tools, stampable shapes, buttons, text, music and sound) and controllable objects means students are able to not only build colorful projects but they can also add motion and interactivity to create animated ebooks, games and dynamic simulations. MicroWorlds JR also includes a full range of turtle graphics providing children with opportunities to explore mathematical ideas such as number, geometry, patterns and movement.

"MicroWorlds JR is so simple to use that even our youngest learners quickly get started exploring ideas in math and other subject areas with minimal assistance" says Michael A. Quinn, President of LCSI. "When they see that they can create animated stories and interactive games just like the older students, they don't want to stop working. It's great to see children so enthusiastically engaged in a learning activity. The product continues with LCSI's long tradition of constructivist, open-ended educational tools for children. "

Available for the PC and Mac OS X, MicroWorlds JR provides full teacher support that includes sample projects and activity starters. Click here for ways to contact LCSI. For more information, please refer to

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