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MicroWorlds EX MicroWorlds EX
MicroWorlds EX
is an environment in which students can explore and test their ideas as they create science simulations, mathematical experiments, interactive multimedia stories, whatever they can imagine! New! - Purchase and download your copy online no waiting
MicroWorlds JR Box MicroWorlds JR
MicroWorlds JR for Pre-K to Grade 4 puts your child in full control. No reading is necessary. It's easy to learn and use with simple, point & click operations and child friendly symbols. Encourages children to explore mathematical and other "big" ideas such as number, geometry, patterns & movement.

Exploring Computer Science with MicroWorlds EX

An easy-to-follow curriculum to introduce students, aged 10 to 14, to Computer Science. Written by Tom Walsh, a public school teacher with more than 10 years experience with MicroWorlds EX and 25 years teaching Logo programming to students. This module can be used over the course of 1 to 2 semesters. The e-book includes detailed lesson plans and text support with appendix resources to guide teachers through the curriculum. Click here for more info.

MicroWorlds Project LibraryMicroWorlds Project Library
Use our MicroWorlds Web Player to access over 50 interactive multimedia projects in math, science, language arts and more.

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Windows 8

MicroWorlds JR, MicroWorlds EX and MicroWorlds Robotics have been upgraded to work with Win 8. Contact LCSI for upgrade prices.


MicroWorlds EX Robotics now communicates with LEGO NXT on Macs that use OS 10.7 and 10.8

New reps for MicroWorlds in New York: Tech4learning 1

Both LCSI and Tech4learning work to transform classrooms into learning environments where students are actively engaged in the curriculum, create original products, and share ideas and expertise with their communities.

According to Michael Quinn, LCSI President, "Tech4learning and LCSI share a vision for learning and technology's role in providing engaging, rich learning experiences, so this is an excellent match. We couldn't have a better representative in NYC."

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