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MicroWorlds EX

Students EXPLORE, construct, design,
animate analyze and visualize BIG IDEAS

MicroWorlds EX is the latest in a wonderful line of products used by millions of children (and adults) around the world.

How can one piece of software do so much?

MicroWorlds EX is not a tool, but rather a collection of tools assembled to provide the means you need to do all the types of explorations you can imagine. By tools, we don’t mean just gizmos and gadgets (although there are definitely some of those in MicroWorlds EX) – we’re referring to a language that encourages children to talk about:

  • their ideas
  • their questions
  • their strategies for finding answers and a deeper understanding.

Students explore and test their ideas in this idea exploration and project creation environment. MicroWorlds EX is so versatile it can be used to create:

  • science simulations
  • mathematical explorations
  • interactive multimedia stories
  • anything you can imagine…

Helps develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Would you like to create your own tutorials with MicroWorlds EX? It's simple, click here [PDF 132kb] to find out how!

"How do I?" by Steve Robson is a booklet of 10 easy steps to create great MicroWorlds EX projects. Download this free booklet (in.pdf).

Steve is an educational ICT Consultant working in the North of England. He has used MicroWorlds logo in a wide range of schools to stimulate and motivate both pupils and staff to build a wide range of projects from games to interactive stories, simulations to digital scenes. He is convinced that this approach significantly contributes to raising standards in teaching and learning.

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Subject Cross-Curricular
Grades Grades 4 and up
Focus Problem Solving/Exploring Ideas/ Project Building
Available Platforms Win 7/8/10
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Available Languages English
Windows only: Spanish, Russian and Italian.
Purchase Options Available Order Online!
Also available as a download version!

Download version Single User Set
Single User Set:
Lab Pack (6)
Site License
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Important Info for Mac users

MicroWorlds JR and MicroWorlds EX will not work with macOS 10.15 - Catalina.


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We think our products are great! But don't just take our word for it, here's what teachers have to say...

"I was first introduced to Logo about 20 years ago at the University of Nebraska. About 10 years ago when the opportunity came up to teach a 6-week exploratory class for seventh graders, I knew right away that I wanted to use MicroWorlds! Now that MicroWorlds EX is out, the students are not only experiencing computer programming at their level of expertise, but I firmly believe that MicroWorlds builds a strong foundation towards a future computer science career."

Tom J. Price Norris Middle School Firth, Nebraska

"MicroWorlds EX is all any teacher would need to create a balanced, challenging technology curriculum. The programming element of MicroWorlds EX is the perfect compliment to other areas of the curriculum that develop problem solving and logical thought. My students from Kindergarten to Grade Six are enthusiastic about the projects that we develop together. The turtle is our favorite amphibian."
Barbara Pappius
Elementary IT specialist
The Study Montreal,QC

"I have been teaching LOGO for 12 years now and I love the MicroWorlds software. I have made sure that at the school where I am currently the Technology Coordinator, P.S. 11 in New York City, we have always purchased a site license for this software. Last week when we did a MicroWorlds EX presentation at the the Apple Computer Store in Soho, as part of School Night."
Nick Rubinfier
Tech Coordinator
PS 11
320 West 21st Street

"(...) We use MicroWorlds EX with 2nd through 7th grades. Our youngest students learn drawing commands, animation, and simple programming concepts. In 7th grade we use MicroWorlds EX to explore game theory and design. MicroWorlds offers us a unique environment for channeling our students natural creativity into exciting and thought provoking projects. (...) I would say it is the most valuable piece of software in our Grammar School computer curriculum."
Adam Gerson
Assistant Director of Technology
Columbia Grammar and Prep School

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