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MicroWorlds EX


Welcome Screen Start by selecting one of the 4 options:   
  • Free Mode (a blank, new MicroWorlds project)
  • Open Project (open an existing project)
  • Tutorials (on screen step-by-step tutorials help teachers and students learn MicroWorlds EX)
  • Samples (exploration and project ideas)
Additional Support & Help
  • On screen techniques panel to help students with the most common tasks.
  • Instant tips on commands and error messages.
  • Redesigned, faster, more accessible Help System.
  • Media content: hundreds of shapes, music, photos, sounds and videos.
  • Curriculum ideas at the LCSI Web Site Project Library
  • Teacher’s Guide to help you get started.
  • Improved user interface for graphics includes: grid, constraint, floating graphics, clipart library, and more…
  • Wallpaper page to create a common background throughout a project.
Interactive Objects
  • New interactive objects make it easy to create cool interactive projects such as surveys, quizzes and interactive presentations.
  • These objects include drop down menus, check boxes and radio button sets that they can add to their projects.
  • Dialog box editor generates professional looking dialog boxes.
  •  “Traveling Smart Turtles” that carry their belongings and knowledge in their own private backpacks. Therefore each turtle can be defined to have its own State, Procedures, Rules, Shapes, Notes & Audio enabling it to be saved independently and easily shared with other students.
  • The private belongings and knowledge paradigm fosters the “building block” and constructivist approach of MicroWorlds EX.
  • "Traveling Smart Turtles” are easier to share (via Intranet or Internet) between projects and between students. Makes it easier to build collaborative projects.
Compatible with Microsoft products (Windows version only)
  • Use Word’s spell checker
  • Use Excel’s charting power
Drag and drop
  • Music (Including MIDI and MP3’s)
  • Pictures
  • Videos (Including AVI and MPEG's)
  • Web pages (HTML)
  • Shapes
  • Sounds (WAVE, AIFF and SND)
Web Authoring Tools
  • Publish your interative projects to the web so that friends and family can view and play with your project