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Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development: LCSI's Learning Solutions

LCSI is synonymous with constructionist education. For over 25 years, we have designed products that help learners explore ideas and think with technology as they construct their knowledge and understanding of the world. Guided by the ideas of LCSI's founder, Dr. Seymour Papert, our pedagogical focus has always been on developing child-centered constructionist products.

Since 1981, LCSI has been leading professional development workshops for educators interested in using technology to enhance learning and transform the learning environment. Both the in-house professional development group and LCSI's team of experienced consultants have led workshops and learning sessions across the United States and around the world.

We offer a variety of workshops at various levels and we can also develop a workshop based on your school or district needs. New workshops are added regularly. For more information and to arrange for a workshop in your school or district, please contact: or click here for ways to contact LCSI


Ask about our Professional Development Workshops. One to 4 day workshops available. All workshops are tailored to fit your school and district needs.

Choose from these Professional Development workshop focuses:

MicroWorlds for Beginners (EX version for teachers in grades 4 8, or JR version for teachers in grades K - 3) (2 or 3 days) you have the software, now what do you do? Get started using MicroWorlds with activities designed to meet your learning goals.

Math, Standards and MicroWorlds EX (grades 4 8) (2 or 3 days) a practical, hands-on workshop that provides ideas for math activities and guidance in developing your own activities to meet your curriculum needs.

Math, Standards and MicroWorlds JR (grades 1 3) (2 or 3 days) a practical, hands-on workshop that provides ideas for math activities and guidance in developing your own activities to meet your curriculum needs.


We think our products are great! But don't just take our word for it, here's what teachers have to say...

"I was first introduced to Logo about 20 years ago at the University of Nebraska. About 10 years ago when the opportunity came up to teach a 6-week exploratory class for seventh graders, I knew right away that I wanted to use MicroWorlds! Now that MicroWorlds EX is out, the students are not only experiencing computer programming at their level of expertise, but I firmly believe that MicroWorlds builds a strong foundation towards a future computer science career."

Tom J. Price Norris Middle School Firth, Nebraska

"Here at Shabonee School, we have developed a math curriculum based entirely on MicroWorlds EX (...) The program provides students with the opportunity to investigate geometric concepts through the use of Logo computer language. In addition, students use and strengthen their logical thinking, problem solving, and other higher order thinking skills."

"Our experience with MicroWorlds EX is very positive and many of our students use the program for fun on their home computers."

Joan Hoexter Technology Specialist
Marilyn Tornatore Gifted Ed. Teacher
Shabonee School
Northbrook, IL

"MicroWorlds EX is one of our core tool programs. Because of Logo's inherent mathematical structure, Logo activities are integrated into the math curriculum to teach important geometry concepts such as units of measurement, angles, scale, and shapes. Microworlds EX is a multipurpose tool program that provides an environment for children to work collaboratively and independently to develop problem solving skills."

Lan Heng
Computer Coordinator
Ethical Culture Fieldston School
New York, NY

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