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MicroWorlds EX

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Features What your students can do now
Welcome Screen Easy access to samples and tutorials. The Tutorials introduce students to various MicroWorlds EX features. The Samples include built-in explanations and breakdowns.
Techniques Panel Step-by-step descriptions for dozens of basic techniques. Gives immediate tips on command and error messages. Great for beginners.
Improved Help System Includes both Basic and Advanced options.
Tool Tips on Mouse-Over Move your cursor over any Logo command (typed anywhere) and a window will display the details along with an example.
New Interactive Objects Include round button sets, dialogue boxes, check boxes, list boxes and drop down menus. Create cool projects such as surveys, quizzes and interactive presentations.
Turtle "Backpack" The "backpack" allows turtles to carry their own knowledge with them. Turtles can then include their own procedures, rules, shapes and media. They can then be e-mailed or copied across a network. The turtle can then be dropped into another project.
Grid On/Off Tool Turns the onscreen positioning grid on or off. When the grid is turned on, objects can only be relocated and resized (using the mouse) in increments of 10 turtle steps. Great for lining up objects.
New Presentation Mode Double click to de-activate.
Wallpaper Create a design that will be used as a background (wallpaper) on all the pages of a project.
Floating-Dockable Panels Turn the Command Center and Tabs into "dockable" palettes.
Next and Previous Page These buttons open the next or previous page.
Project Size Projects can include up to 50 pages.
Clipart Library Hundreds of built-in clipart images that are great for animation.
Embedded Media Any imported sounds, music, video and graphics files are embedded into the project that makes for a much more portable project.
New Commands New commands are introduced.