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For Release July 27, 2001
Contact: Lea Iaricci, LCSI
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LCSI'S MICROWORLDS PROT Is recognized By the Minister of Education of France.


MONTREAL - Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI), is proud to announce that the Minister of Education of France has recognized MicroWorlds Pro (French version) as a tool of pedagogical interest. This honors the product with a semi graphic logo from the Minister of Education known as "Reconnu d'intérêt pédagogique, (R.I.P.)". MicroWorlds Pro is listed on the site of Educnet ( along with other multimedia-accredited products of the Minister of Education.

The logo "R.I.P" by the Minister of National Education serves as a universal guide to teachers for multimedia resources. The imprint allows users and teachers to distinguish multimedia resource from other tools by indicating that the software was examined and approved by specialists in the field. The "RIP" logo establishes that MicroWorlds Pro adapts to the needs and expectations of the French education system. To add, it signals to teachers and users that the product meets the criteria of pedagogical quality, pertinence in usage and simplicity.

"It's always an honor when one of your products receives recognition but this particular award shows that LCSI is active not only in the US and Canada but around the world" said Michael A. Quinn, President of LCSI.

MicroWorlds Pro is a powerful multimedia-authoring tool that allows students to create dynamic, interactive school and Internet projects. It lets students become active web designers not just passive web viewers. MicroWorlds Pro includes web authoring tools that allow you to create HTML templates for your interactive projects to be displayed directly on the WWW; add hyperlink connections to your projects; download and modify existing math, science, etc. projects from the LCSI web site (

Teachers and students can get a real sense of the depth and breadth of this powerful multimedia-programming environment. MicroWorlds Pro helps develop creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. It's so versatile it can be used in any subject area!

LCSI, incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets a line of award winning constructive educational products, including the critically acclaimed, MicroWorlds line of school products and the My Make Believe family of home/school early learning software.


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