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Satisfied Customers

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Satisfied Customers"Microworlds is a rich, flexible learning environment. All of the strengths of the LOGO programming language are included (and enhanced!) The original intent of Seymour Papert to provide a Piagetian learning environment is well preserved here. The multiple window programming environment makes experimentation easy and enjoyable. Even early-age students can easily master important important programming ideas like command syntax, debugging, subroutines/functions, variables, conditionals, and recursion. More importantly, problem solving skills, mathematical reasoning, and analytic skills are all strengthened in a really fun, engaging way. Kids love working with the program and sharing their ideas in a group setting!"

New York City

MicroWorlds EX is all any teacher would need to create a balanced,
challenging technology curriculum. The painting, graphics and text tools
lend themselves beautifully to early elementary projects and introduce
elements that are easily transferred to other applications like Word and
PowerPoint. The programming element of MicroWorlds EX is the perfect
compliment to other areas of the curriculum that develop problem solving
and logical thought. It is open-ended and challenging. My students from
Kindergarten to Grade Six are enthusiastic about the projects that we
develop together. The turtle is our favorite amphibian.

Barbara Pappius
Elementary IT specialist
The Study

Thank you for your great product. I have been teaching LOGO for 12 years now and I love the MicroWorlds software. I have made sure that at the school where I am currently the Technology Coordinator, P.S. 11 in New York City, we have always purchased a site license for this software. In the last two years the students have used MicroWorlds to present many of their projects, including just last week when we did a presentation at the the Apple Computer Store in Soho, as part of School Night.

Nick Rubinfier
Tech Coordinator
PS 11
320 West 21st Street

At Columbia Grammar and Prep School we use MicroWorlds EX with 2nd through 7th grades. Our youngest students learn drawing commands, animation, and simple programming concepts. In the 5th grade we introduce the kids to Lego Logo robotics with MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition. In 7th grade we use MicroWorlds EX to explore game theory and design. MicroWorlds offers us a unique environment for channeling our students natural creativity into exciting and thought provoking projects. MicroWorlds EX combines a simplicity and power that lets us use it with a variety of age groups. I would say it is the most valuable piece of software in our Grammar School computer curriculum.

Adam Gerson
Assistant Director of Technology
Columbia Grammar and Prep School
New York, NY

Energizing classes is not a problem with MicroWorlds EX. Students naturally are excited about programming with the MicroWorlds text based language. At Lakeview we feel that using a text based programming language gives more substance to the programming and provides clear insight into how computers really operate. The software provides an unlimited creative expression for today's kids.

Bruce Cattanach
Technology Educator
The Lakeview School
Denville, NJ

There is no better way to bring mathematics, science and coding to life than with MicroWorlds EX. The software's ease-of-use and remarkable flexibility makes it possible to create multimedia projects on the screen that can be programmed by even young children. In a professional development context, MicroWorlds EX provides educators with a rich minds-on context for understanding the power of project-based learning and recognizing the intellectual potential of their students.

Dr. Gary S. Stager
Founder, Constructing Modern Knowledge

"I have been successfully using LCSI Logo and Microworlds products for twenty years.  There has never been a more powerful computer-based environment for students to think and learn."

Dr. Dennis Harper
President and Founder of Generation Y
Author of Logo: Theory and Practice

G.W. Childs School, a K-4 school with approximately 700 students, has developed a Technology Education program that supports and fosters independent problem solving, critical thinking, and cooperative learning. Based on the Philadelphia Curriculum Frameworks, a guide for developing standards based projects and lesson plans, the Technology program strives to support a cross-curricular approach to computer education. Students are engaged in projects which incorporate learning from their studies in all subject areas. Students work in a computer lab once a week for 45 minutes. Students have access to computers throughout the school building, in the library, their classrooms, science lab and other instructional areas.

The School District of Philadelphia Children Achieving Plan, maintains the use of Technology in all subject areas.  Childs School continues to explore this idea in looking for open-ended problem solving software that supports critical thinking and collaboration. LOGO has been used at Childs since 1990.  Students begin their LOGO instruction in first grade as a way to familiarize young students with "taking control of the computer," and to build a foundation for programming.  Beginning in third grade MicroWorlds is used to challenge the students' thinking about technology and provide them with an opportunity to "stretch" their own thoughts about computers and technology in the creation of computer simulation programs which reflect their own ideas and imaginations.

MicroWorlds was chosen as a software tool that demonstrates the objectives of quality technology education: Providing an open-ended programming environment in which students can explore, create and apply prior knowledge, while participating in a rich, authentic and meaningful learning experience. MicroWorlds provides the constructivist  programming environment that allows students to apply their knowledge, share their learning, and gain valuable programming and problem solving skills. It creates an environment where the students are highly motivated to create and expand their thinking and learning.  It has been used extensively as part of the computer lab program, in collaboration with the science lab program, for the past two years.

For comments, contact:

Paula Don
Technology Facilitator
Office of Information Technology/LTSG
(formerly of Childs School)


A Word From Our President

"Since the inception of LCSI in 1981, we have provided our customers around the world with the highest quality educational products and service. We at LCSI continue in our over 20-year tradition of developing software that supports student learning and a constructivist philosophy. We strive to constantly improve the materials we provide for students and the support we give to teachers. When you combine our consistently learner-focused philosophy with our ongoing research-based design, you end up with exciting learning tools that are, I am proud to say, the core components of programs in educational institutions around the world."

Michael A. Quinn

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