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February 2007

New MicroWorlds Plugin Available for Windows Users

A new version of the Windows MicroWorlds MicroWorlds Plugin is available. This new version is compatible with IE as well as FireFox.

This new and improved Firefox compatible MicroWorlds Plugin now supports Portuguese, Italian and Russian MicroWorlds EX projects. It will also support Macintosh MicroWorlds JR projects.

LCSI Launches its New Blog "Thinkering"

Announcing Thinkering - LCSI's new blog!

The blog will be a great way for MicroWorlds users to discuss and comment on
LCSI's products in an interactive format.

You can visit the blog now at:


January 2007

A MicroWorlds EX update is available for Macintosh users

A new Macintosh PPC MicroWorlds EX (non Robotics) update is now
available for download to registered MicroWorlds EX users.

New features include: better performance, new shapes, new tutorials,
a modified Help system and dozens of other improvements.

We highly recommend this update for all registered MicroWorlds EX
users running Mac OS X 10.7 or higher on a PPC based Macintosh.

Click here for ways to contact LCSI.

Be sure to include your registration information (name and address)
if you contact us by e-mail.


January 2003


Macintosh OS X (10.1 or higher).
QuickTime 6 or higher (OS 9 version).
A registered copy of MicroWorlds Pro.

The Macintosh version of MicroWorlds Pro is not presently supported under OS X's Classic mode. However, we do have a new version of MicroWorlds Pro available that has improved performance running under Classic Mode. This new version is available to any registered MicroWorlds Pro owners. It can be requested by sending an e-mail to the following address, Be sure to include the name and address of the registered site. As soon as the registration is confirmed the application will then be sent as an e-mail attachment in .sit format along with its installation instructions.

As part of of our continuing commitment to the Macintosh platform LCSI will release a new, redesigned native OS X MicroWorlds product later on in 2003. Fill out and submit this form to be notified of future OS X product releases.


October 2002

New features in the Macintosh version of Journal Zone

1. Switch Skins!
A new skin is available in addition to the default ‘console' skin. The
‘tablet' skin provides a ‘look and feel' that may suit older students and
adults. The interface is trim and sleek allowing larger text areas.

2. Disable the Graphics Library
You can now control the presence of the Graphics Library. This may be done at installation or may be controlled by the individual user.

3. Change the Journal Starters' Categories
In addition to changing the journal starters within the existing categories,
you can now change the categories! This flexibility supports subject-specific categories such as sentence starters for science, math and so forth in addition to the default categories of Plan, Reflect and Elaborate. The categories you choose are limited only by your imagination.

The Macintosh version is currently only available in English.


July 2002

Journal Zone receives recognition as one of the top 100 educational software titles by District Administrator Magazine. For more details, please read ONLINE EDUCATION: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER
by Odvard Egil Dyrli


June 2000

MicroWorlds Pro wins award!

MicroWorlds Pro for Mac is now available!



A Word From Our President

"Since the inception of LCSI in 1981, we have provided our customers around the world with the highest quality educational products and service. We at LCSI continue in our over 20-year tradition of developing software that supports student learning and a constructivist philosophy. We strive to constantly improve the materials we provide for students and the support we give to teachers. When you combine our consistently learner-focused philosophy with our ongoing research-based design, you end up with exciting learning tools that are, I am proud to say, the core components of programs in educational institutions around the world."

Michael A. Quinn

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