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For Release January 31, 2003
Contact: Lea Iaricci, LCSI
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Coming Soon From LCSI- Enriched Math™

MONTREAL - Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI), is proud to announce the upcoming release of Enriched Math™. This set of 15 math activities designed to get students talking about math will be available in early March.

Enriched Math™ activities include a balance of an introductory activity -mathematical game that introduces a math concept and a series of word problems- to stimulate discussion and learning. Developed for middle school students, grades 5 through 8, students will develop transferable problem solving strategies, acquire, consolidate and generalize mathematics concepts and ‘ask’ questions – not simply ‘answer’ them.

Enriched Math™ can be used in such mathematical concepts as numbers, algebra, geometry, measurements, connections, problem solving, data analysis & probability. The product can be used in either a class or an individual setting. In a class or group environment, it will stimulate lively discussions about math. This fostering of communication in mathematics creates an environment where students develop their personal understanding of mathematical ideas. It can also be installed on individual computers within a classroom or lab as an enrichment activity for students who have completed their regular work or as a regular component of class work. Enriched Math™ enables each student to work on each activity independently.

The system requirements are Windows 95 or higher; a minimum of 16MB RAM; CD ROM drive; High color –16 bit; sound card.

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