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For release October 3, 1997
Contact: Lea Iaricci
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LCSI Awards Elementary Technology Education Grant to the Virginia Department of Education

MONTREAL -- Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) is pleased to announce the Elementary Technology Education Grant (ETEG) is awarded to the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). This grant, with a total retail value of $30,000 in products and training, is given to the VDOE in recognition of its leadership efforts to promote Technology Education in the schools of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Virginia schools, under VDOE direction, are leaders in Technology Education at the middle school and high school levels and have received national recognition from the Technology Student Association and the International Technology Education Association. A new VDOE program will expand Technology Education to elementary schools.

Ten schools will receive a site license of each of the following LCSI products: MicroWorlds 2.0 or MicroWorlds 1.0, Math Links and Language Art.

The ten schools that were selected by VDOE to receive the award-winning LCSI constructivist software are:

Tappahannock ES (Essex County)

Stone Springs ES (Harrisonburg)

Laburnum ES (Henrico County)

Cool Spring ES (Loudoun County)

Taylor ES (Norfolk)

McIntosh ES (Newport News)

Newsome Park ES (Newport News)

Winding Creek ES (Stafford County)

In additon to the educational software, teachers at each school will receive initial hands-on training to familiarize themselves with LCSI products and how these products can be used to promote Technology Education at their school. Continuing follow-up training will be offered on a regular basis for the teachers.

According to Ron Revere, National Sales Manager for LCSI, "New efforts to establish Technology Education in the elementary schools of this country are very important. We at LCSI feel these efforts can be greatly strengthened with assistance from the private sector. LCSI is pleased to offer the Elementary Technology Education Grant as a modest contribution to aid in the development of such a worthwhile educational program. We challenge other suppliers of educational materials to match or exceed our level of assistance."

MicroWorlds (grades 2-8) is the most advanced and easy-to-use Logo ever. Its unique learning environment provides students with simple, yet powerful commands and tools so that they can create impressive projects for any subject in the curriculum. And because MicroWorlds treats all types of digital media (video, pictures, sounds, buttons, etc.) as objects with a single name, it's easier to learn and use. MicroWorlds 2.0 is now Internet ready. You can easily display your student's projects on the web for viewing by other students and schools around the world.

Math Links's open-ended activities (grades 4-8) support NCTM standards, enhancing aspects that receive little emphasis in the average text book. Experiment with geoboards, tesselations, geometry, spirals, pentominoes and more. Work on math as problem solving, reasoning and communication. Move away from drill & practice, and into thinking mathematically.

LCSI, incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets a line of award-winning constructivist educational products, including the critically acclaimed, logo-based MicroWorlds line of school products and the My Make Believe family of home/school early learning software. Click here for ways to contact LCSI.

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