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For release April 2, 1998
Contact: Lea Iaricci, LCSI
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MONTREAL, April 2, 1998 -- Logo Computer Systems Inc. (LCSI) is pleased to announce the MicroWorlds Plugin is now available. The MicroWorlds Plugin lets you see great dynamic animations in your Internet Browser, in the form of MicroWorlds 2.0 projects. MicroWorlds projects have interactive and powerful animation capabilities, permitting you to produce dynamic web content. The MicroWorlds Plugin is international: you can view MicroWorlds 2.0 or MicroMundos 2.0 (Spanish or Portuguese) projects using the same MicroWorlds Plugin.

In order to use the MicroWorlds Plugin, you need to download it from LCSI's web site: Once you've downloaded the MicroWorlds Plugin file and properly installed it, you can try out our sample projects and read more about how they are made, and how you can make your own. You can also download projects on to your hard disk to experiment with them (if you have MicroWorlds version 2.0 for Windows or version 2.03 for Macintosh).

MicroWorlds 2.0 is the most advanced and easy-to-use Logo ever. Students learn through exploration, creation and construction. The actual process of designing and creating a project is a rich learning experience. Students can display their projects on the World Wide Web. In addition, they can access digital videos, photos and sound clips to add to their projects.

LCSI, incorporated in 1980 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, develops and markets a line of award-winning constructivist educational products, including the critically acclaimed, Logo-based MicroWorlds line of school products.

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