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To enter the contest:

  1. Please fill out the following form.
  2. Upload your project.
  3. Upload your video presentation file. The recommended resolution for the video clip is 320*200.
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Write a short description about your project. Identify a real life problem and design and build a device (model) that solves that specific problem. Tell us how your invention can help make changes or how it solves the problem. (Max 500 words)

I have read the rules and regulations and I accept them.

You will be asked to upload your project file and video presentation in the next steps.


Did you know?

. MicroWorlds EX for Mac OS X is now available.

. LCSI offers a Home Use Option (low price) to students that belong to a school that has a registered site license.

. There is a Project Library filled with numerous project ideas.

. LCSI has a newsletter with product news and announcements that is sent out to everyone registered. Register below.

. LCSI will be attending conferences and doing presentations & workshops (perhaps in your area!). Check it out!

. LCSI's products are available in different languages.

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