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We Love Science Contest!


  • This contest is open to all students in grades 4-9 (in USA & Canada+)
  • This contest is not open to family members of LCSI's employees and judges.
  • Students can work in teams (maximum of 3 in a group).
  • Students must use MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition and build models using Lego Mindstorms or a Cricket.
  • Students must identify a real life problem and then design and build a device (model) that solves that specific problem. Tell us how this invention can help make changes or how it solves the problem.
  • Students must submit the following online:
    1. the entry form
    2. a functional MicroWorlds EX Robotics project (program file)
    3. video that demonstrates how the model works. (We recommend a 15-20 second video clip in 320 X 200 resolution); students should not send their model to LCSI.
    4. a description of the project. Explain the problem and how the model solves it (500 word maximum)
  • Students must submit their projects by May 31, 2007 (midnight EST).
  • LCSI will accept only one entry per project.
  • Participants should receive a confirmation of their entry by e-mail within 24 hours of receipt, if not please click here for ways to contact LCSI.
  • All entries will be reviewed by a team of judges.
  • The judges will select the two best projects. (See PRIZES below).
  • The judges may choose not to award a prize if they determine that such a prize is not warranted.
  • Decisions of the judges are final.
  • On June 22, 2007, LCSI will contact the teacher or parent of the winner(s). Please make sure we have your contact information.
  • By entering, the winners agree to the use of his/her name(s) and school name for the use of advertising or promotional purposes (ie. LCSI will post the winners on its web site and send out a press release).
  • LCSI has the right to post the projects submitted on its web site.
  • LCSI has the right to disqualify any entry that has disobeyed the rules and regulations.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at: or click here for ways to contact LCSI.

Thank you and Good luck!


First prize: $300 gift certificate
$100 gift certificate for the teacher or parent
Second prize: $150 gift certificate
$50 gift certificate for the teacher or parent

+Open to all students in Canada excluding Quebec.
*Prizes are in US$. Canadian prizes may differ but will be of equal value.


Did you know?

. MicroWorlds EX for Mac OS X is now available.

. LCSI offers a Home Use Option (low price) to students that belong to a school that has a registered site license.

. There is a Project Library filled with numerous project ideas.

. LCSI has a newsletter with product news and announcements that is sent out to everyone registered. Register below.

. LCSI will be attending conferences and doing presentations & workshops (perhaps in your area!). Check it out!

. LCSI's products are available in different languages.

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