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Technical Support

MicroWorlds JR for Windows 7/8/10

If you have any questions that are not answered here, Click here for ways to contact LCSI

Q. How can I minimize the interface?

Unfortunately, you can't minimize the interface. However, you can switch between applications by typing ALT-TAB, which is useful for copying and pasting information or graphics into MicroWorlds JR.

Q. My question isn't answered here. Where else can I find help?

A. If you still need help, click here for ways to contact LCSI. When e-mailing Technical Support, provide as much information as you can, including these:

- Mac OS version or Windows version
- MicroWorlds product (EX or JR)
- MicroWorlds version, as indicated at the top of the ReadMe file in the MicroWorlds folder (it may be inside the Documentation folder, in the MicroWorlds folder)
- Description of problem or steps that lead to the problem
- The exact error message that you are getting
- Can the problem be repeated?

(*) Depending on your current registered version of MicroWorlds, you may be entitled for a free update or you may be required to purchase an Upgrade.