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Presenter: Lea Iaricci, LCSI

Title: Creating Impressive Multimedia Projects with
MicroWorlds Extreme! Interactive!

Students use MicroWorlds Extreme to create multimedia presentations, animated stories, and games while exploring mathematics, science, language arts, and music. In creating their projects, students create 'smart and interactive' objects that may be shared with others. This leads to an interesting collaborative model for student projects while achieving expectations.

Presenter: Lea Iaricci, LCSI

Title: Write to Learn with Journal Zone

Kids love online communications! Keep it focused with Journal Zone! Students discuss journal entries with one another. Journal writing, illustration and conversation across the curriculum improve student writing, help students to think abstractly, and enable them to comprehend and retain information.

Presenter: Peter Skillen and Annelies Groen

Title: Build your own 'Bots: Incorporating MicroWorlds
Software with Robotics

An overview of how to design and build projects using the latest MicroWorlds combined with LEGO® and Crickets Robotics. Crickets are tiny robots that allow the user to control motors, lights, and receive info from sensors. Crickets also 'talk' to one another. Cross curricular applications will be demonstrated.

Presenter: Peter Skillen

Title: Meet the Standards while Respecting the Student's Desire to Know

This era of information and communications technologies (ICT) supports natural models of learning and further discredits the factory model of education. Powerful tools exist for accessing and manipulating information and also for supporting rich communications among people. Practical classroom examples and suggestions will be presented and discussed.