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Software Reviews for Teachers - Diving into MicroWorlds Jr

Magazine/Article What's it about?
Logo Exchange
Making MicroWorlds Music
Learn how MW offers several ways of working with music
Logo Exchange
Clever Kids and Computers: The Future Down Under!
An overview of a workshop, serving as a model for further exploration of the ways in which Logo like experiences can be used to develop and enhance the special abilities of gifted kids
Logo Exchange
Putting MicroWorlds Projects on the Web
MW users can share their Logo projects via the Web
Learning & Leading with Technology
MicroWorlds in Avalon
Fred & Catie D'Ignazio share their MW workshop experience in Avalon, Australia
Learning & Leading with Technology
My Make Believe Castle -An Epic Adventure in Problem Solving
Teachers around the US implemented MMBC in grades K-3 and share their observations
Logo Exchange
MicroWorlds for Munchkins
Using MW in the primary level
Learning & Leading with Technology
From Presentation to Programming
Students use MW for presentations and to build and manipulate their own environments
Logo Exchange
Tips for Making Multimedia with MicroWorlds 2.0
Tips for using MW's multimedia features



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. MicroWorlds EX for Mac OS X is now available.

. LCSI offers a Home Use Option (low price) to students that belong to a school that has a registered site license.

. There is a Project Library filled with numerous project ideas.

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. LCSI will be attending conferences and doing presentations & workshops (perhaps in your area!). Check it out!

. LCSI's products are available in different languages.

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