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Schools Organizations

Game Projects
-MicroWorlds projects and games

The Lakeview School Denville NJ
- MicroWorlds tutorials and projects

The Country School
- Students explore fractals with the Koch Explorer

The University of Virginia
- MicroWorlds 2.0 Activities

Central Kitsap Junior High Programming Class
- Class assignments and student examples of classic MW programs. Good for teachers who are looking for ideas.

Rosemount Elementary School
- 4th grade 06-07 MicroWorlds EX projects
- 4th grade 07-08 MicroWorlds EX projects
- Mr. Boyd's Summer MicroWorlds Projects

Geometry Practice
- MicroWorlds Geometry Activities

Ms. R's Computer Class
- Computer Class Blog that features some MicroWorlds discussions

The Rice School
- Student MicroWorlds Projects

The Computer School
- Student Work 2006-2007

MicroWorlds EX Projects
- Student and teacher samples from Central Kitsap Off Campus Program.


Logo Foundation
- Excellent Logo/MicroWorlds resources

OWL's MicroWorlds in Action
- MicroWorlds lessons, ideas, projects, support materials

Math Cats
- MicroWorlds math games, animations, and geometry projects 

Motherboard Books
- Computer Science Curriculum for Homeschoolers

The Logo Users Ring
- A collection of sites dedicated to Logo

Seymour Papert
-The Creator of Logo

MW Forum
- Online MicroWorlds Sharing and support. 

The Omar Dengo Foundation
- Providing MicroWorlds to hundreds of schools throughout Costa Rica.

Science Museum of Minnesota
- More Student Project

The Science Museum of Minnesota Sound Site
-Tutorials, activities and projects

- MicroWorlds EX Projects

- MicroWorlds JR

- MicroWorlds EX

- MicroWorlds Videos

Home page Cicale & Tartarughe
- Italian site with teacher's resources and MicroWorlds projects.

Headquarters of Russian Logo teachers community
- Logo Software, Books, Events, Links (in Russian only)

Voyage En Logo Land
- French Logo Site

Logo by Papy 
- French Logo Resources and Projects

El Macromundo de Logo
- Spanish site with information and links

- Curriculum arranged into books (Spanish) and CDs with exercises.

Nick Daponte's Microworlds activiries (in Greek)
- Microworlds Physics and Math

Greek MicroWorlds Pro page

Australian Catholic University
- MicroWorlds EX Robotics Maths Project

- French language page on MicroWorlds use in Mexico


Seymour Papert

Gary Stager's Logo Resources
- Excellent Logo/MicroWorlds resources

Michael Koss
- Introduction to Logo Programming

Crystal Objects
- Logo Resources and MicroWorlds Projects

Elephant Sanctuary Maze
- A MicroWorlds project related to endangered Elephants.

René Yelle
- Using MicroWorlds to Create Web Pages

MicroWorlds Quiz
- Test your MicroWorlds Knowledge 

Bruce Cattanach's Robotics Resources
- MicroWorlds EX Robotics Resource Page

- Peter Hewitt's Logo/MicroWorlds resources

Logo Projects
- Video explanations of assorted Logo-inspired projects.

Cynthia Solomon's Logo History
- Videos and Images



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