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The MicroWorlds Web Player for Windows

The MicroWorlds Web Player allows you to view MicroWorlds projects inside the most popular Internet browsers, whether or not you own a copy of MicroWorlds.

There is one Web Player that plays projects created using MicroWorlds 2 or Pro and a second Web Player that plays projects created using MicroWorlds EX. You should install both Players if you are not certain of the origin of the projects that you will be viewing. If you are only going to look at projects created by you and your group, you can install only the Player that corresponds to the version of MicroWorlds that you are using. Note that at this point, the Web Player for EX does not play projects created using MicroWorlds JR for Windows, but it does play projects created using MicroWorlds JR for Macintosh.

The MicroWorlds WebPlayer cannot be included on a commercially distributed CD or diskette, or another web site.

Downloading and Installing the Web Player

Click on the Download button of your choice and follow the instructions below. Do this for both buttons if you have to.

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Version 2006-01

Instructions for Windows Vista Users

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Version 2007-03


Follow these steps:

1. Click on the download button to begin the downloading process. You will be asked where you want the file to be located on your hard disk. Since the file you will be downloading is an installer, it is a good idea to place it in a temporary folder. Remember to take note of the location, so you can complete the installation afterward.

The file size of the installer is about 5.6 MB. Before starting the download process, bookmark this site so you can come back here once the installation is complete.

2. Quit your Internet browser.

3. Close all open applications.

4. Install the MicroWorlds Web Player by clicking on the installer file (mwplugin.exe or webplayer.exe). You must have administrative privileges to perform this installation. The WebPlayer consists of a set of DLL files located in the Plugin folder of your web browser. There is no need to reconfigure your web browser, it will know where to find this plugin when needed (when you open a web page containing a MicroWorlds project or turtle).

5. Restart your Internet browser and come back to this site. Do not delete the installer until you are sure that you have properly installed the Web Player. If you had trouble installing, look at the tips in troubleshooting.

6. Here's how you can view or make your own projects on the Web.

Once you have downloaded the WebPlayer file and installed it, you can view the projects in our extensive Project Library, and even download them to your hard disk to experiment with them if you have MicroWorlds 2.0, MicroWorlds Pro or MicroWorlds EX for Windows. If you do not own one of these copies of MicroWorlds, you can download the Demo versions of the products before downloading the project.