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Technical Support

MicroWorlds 1.0 - Macintosh

If you have any questions that are not answered here, Click here for ways to contact LCSI.

Q. I'm using At Ease, and MicroWorlds 1.x ignores At Ease's settings.

A. This problem was fixed in version 2.0, so you can upgrade to our latest version of MicroWorlds 2.0

Q. When I use MicroWorlds 1.02 or 1.0 or 1.01, I can't load projects saved to floppies without crashing my computer.

A. This problem was fixed in version 1.03. If you're still using the older versions, save to the hard disk then copy the file on your floppy.

Q. When I use MicroWorlds on a network, and I try to launch MicroWorlds on more than one computer, I get an error message.

A. Make sure the copy of the application stored on the server is locked. Click (once) on its icon, select "Get Info" from the file menu, and check the "Locked" box.

Q. My projects are always running out of space.

A. Quit MicroWorlds. Click (once) on the MicroWorlds icon. Select "Get Info" from the file menu. Increase both the "Preferred" and "Minimum" size by 2000-3000. Go to the "Memory" control panel and turn on Virtual Memory.

Q. My question isn't answered here. Where else can I find help?

A. If you still need help, click here for ways to contact LCSI Before calling or e-mailing Technical Support, please have the following information at hand:

- Computer Model
- Computer Platform (Mac or Win)
- Mac OS version
- Windows version
- MicroWorlds product (2.0, Pro, EX, EX Rob or JR)
- MicroWorlds version
- Description of problem or steps which lead to the problem
- Can the problem be repeated?