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Exploring Math with MicroWorlds EXT Links Update page

Due to the numerous independent links found in the Exploring Math documentation, we have provided this list of updated links for your convenience.

Warning! This page contains links to independently managed web sites that are not affiliated with Logo Computer Systems Inc. While every effort has been made to evaluate these links, we cannot control the content that may appear on these or related links.

Assessment - Page 13

Other Resources - Page 14

Unit1: Visualizing Math

Teacher Notes - Page 25

Fraction Pies
Teacher Notes - Page 33

Unit2: Exploring Randomness with Art

Random Geometr-Art
Teacher Notes - Page 51

Mix it up with the Music Randomizer
Teacher Notes - Page 57 UPDATED 09/23/05

Unit 3: Connect the Dots Coordinates-Style

Teachers Notes - Page 66

Unit 3: Exploring Geometric Shapes

Coordinate-d Symmetry
Teachers Notes - Page 80

Unit 4: Exploring Math Patterns

Multiple Patterns
Teachers Notes - Page 94

Mathematical Music
Teachers Notes - Page 103/104

Unit 5: Exploring Probability

Coin Flipper
Teachers Notes - Page 113

Double Coin Flipper
Teachers Notes - Page 123

Funny Dice
Teachers Notes - Page 133


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