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Questions about our products

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Q. What is a site license?

A. A site license allows you to install unlimited copies of the software for use within one school building. It is the most cost effective option for schools with labs or where many students will use the software. You can use the software on any number of computers that you own today or acquire at a future date.

Q. My school has several campuses, do I need to buy a site license for each campus?

A. Yes, you will need to buy more than one site license. Our site license policy does not cover remote campuses.

Q. My school consists of several buildings, all with the same address. Do I need to buy a site license for each building?

A. No, one site license is all that is needed.

Q. What is my proof of ownership (of a license) when I acquire the software online?

A. First, burn two copies of the downloaded software on two CDs. Label them properly: name of product, platform, date of acquisition, name of licensee. Then, register the software online and print a copy of the license that you can store with your official CDs and other software licenses. You will need this information when contacting us in the future.

Q. I have a mixed lab of Macintosh and PC computers, do I need to purchase a site license for each platform?

A. No you don’t…
CD purchase: MicroWorlds EX and MicroWorlds JR all ship as hybrid Win/Mac CDs.
Download: You will have to choose a platform (Mac or Windows) at the time of purchase. Choose your main platform to complete the purchase and email to get a download link for the other platform.

Q. What is a lab pack?

A. A low-cost option for schools or organizations with 6 or fewer computers.

Q. What is a set?

A. A set is designed for individual use on one computer (whether at school or at home).

Q. Can my students use the school version of the software at home?

A. Students are not allowed to use the school version of the software at home. School projects can be saved “with an HTML page” that allows them to be played at home, in an Internet browser (you must install the MicroWorlds web plugin for that to work). We do offer a "Home Use Option" to schools that have a registered LCSI site license. For more information go to Home Use Option.

Q. How do I get technical support?

A. You can first look in our Technical Support section of frequently asked questions. If you still cannot solve your problem, our technical support experts are available to help you with any technical problem. Click here for ways to contact LCSI.

Q. Where can I get project ideas?

A. We offer a "Project Library" on-line. You can select a category and once you've chosen a project you can :

  • play with it on-line
  • read a Logo tip
  • read its teacher's resource
  • download it

Our Links section will also provide you with numerous websites that contain project ideas and teacher's resources.

Q. Why should I register online?

A. Registering your purchase of our software entitles you to be notified of new releases of software packages as well as upgrades to your existing product. Upgrade prices are lower than regular prices and will save you money. Also, some technical support interventions (such as sending an update to the software) require that your product is registered with us.

Questions about ordering

Q. How do I order your software?

A. Click here for ways to contact LCSI

A. Order On-line

Be sure to include 5% for shipping and handling, plus taxes where applicable.

Q. How long does it take to receive an order?

A. Your order should reach you within 1-2 weeks.

If you have any other questions e-mail us at


We take pride in our service...

LCSI is dedicated to providing excellent service to its customers. Whether you are reaching us by phone or e-mail, you can count on our experienced staff to provide you with exceptional service.

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