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Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills


Exploring Math With MicroWorlds EX Grade 4-7 (89 kb)
Grade 1-3 (80 kb)
Grade 4-5 (73 kb)
Grade 6-7 (76 kb)


Grade 4-7 (70 kb)
Robotics Grade 4-7 (94 kb)


Kindergarten – Grade 2  (61 kb)
Grade 3-5  (65 kb)
Grade 6-8  (68 kb)

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We think our products are great! But don't just take our word for it, here's what teachers have to say...

"I have been successfully using LCSI logo and MicroWorlds products for twenty years. There has never been a more powerful computer-based environment for students to think and learn."
Dr. Dennis Harper
President and Founder of Generation Y

"...MicroWorlds was chosen as a software tool that demonstrates the objectives of quality technology education: providing an open-ended programming environment in which students can explore, create and apply prior knowledge, while participating in a rich, authentic and meaningful learning experience."...
Paula Don
Technology Facilitator
Office of Information Technology/LTSG

"...Beginning in second grade, MicroWorlds is used to increase memory, learn a programming language, and practice problem solving. MicroWorlds allows students to gain valuable programming and problem solving skills."...
Debra Griffin
Eliot Montessori School
Natick, MA

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