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MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition

MicroWorlds EX Robotics EditionMicroWorlds EX Robotics comes with all the features of MicroWorlds EX plus full programming capabilities for the Cricket robot, the LEGO Mindstorm® NXT and the LEGO RCX® Brick. With it, your students are scientists and inventors as they plan projects, construct models, and EXPLORE BIG IDEAS. Whether building airplanes or puppets, cars or toys, students acquire significant science, technology and math skills as they construct and program their models.

What you can do

  • Build a model and control it using the procedures you download to the Cricket, the LEGO Mindstorm® NXT or the LEGO RCX® programmable brick.
  • Test programming ideas by sending instructions from the computer via the LEGO® infrared tower to the RCX brick or via the Interface Cricket to the Cricket or via USB to the NXT brick.
  • Your model can also gather data as it runs - data that can be displayed using other MicroWorlds EX Robotics features.
  • Use MicroWorlds' EX features to build an onscreen presentation or simulation in which an onscreen event triggers the model to start.

Benefits - All the benefits of MicroWorlds EX plus...

  • Develops problem solving, critical thinking, math, and design skills.
  • Students apply math, science and programming ideas in authentic problem-solving activities involving design & construction.
  • Improves student understanding of how everyday machines work.
  • Provides ideal opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.

Full Teacher Support

  • Step-by-step tutorials introduce students to MicroWorlds EX Robotics as they create curriculum-linked projects.
  • Techniques panel gives immediate technical assistance.
  • Dual Help System - Beginner and Advanced.
  • Teacher's Guide and Student Projects Books.
  • Technical Support

More details on Crickets More details on LEGO® RCX Brick

Subject Cross-Curricular
Grades Grades 4 and up
Focus Problem solving, Project-building, Design & Construction
Available Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Mac OS X Version 10.4 or higher
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Download version Single User Set
Lab (6 user)
Site License
Available Languages English
Windows only: Spanish.

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We think our products are great! But don't just take our word for it, here's what teachers have to say...

"I was first introduced to Logo about 20 years ago at the University of Nebraska. About 10 years ago when the opportunity came up to teach a 6-week exploratory class for seventh graders, I knew right away that I wanted to use MicroWorlds! Now that MicroWorlds EX is out, the students are not only experiencing computer programming at their level of expertise, but I firmly believe that MicroWorlds builds a strong foundation towards a future computer science career."

Tom J. Price Norris Middle School Firth, Nebraska

"Energizing classes is not a problem with MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition. Students naturally are excited about building robots and programming them with the MicroWorlds text based language. At Lakeview we feel that using a text based programming language gives more substance to the programming and provides clear insight into how computers really operate. The software works perfectly with the Lego Mindstorms kits and provides an unlimited creative expression for today's kids."
Bruce Cattanach
Technology Educator
The Lakeview School
Denville, NJ

"There is no better way to bring mathematics, science and engineering to life than with MicroWorlds EX Robotics for OS X. The software's ease-of-use and remarkable flexibility makes it possible to create multimedia projects on the screen that interact with three-dimensional robots constructed and programmed by even young children. In a professional development context, MicroWorlds EX Robotics for OS X provides educators with a rich minds-on context for understanding the power of project-based learning and recognizing the intellectual potential of their students."
Gary S. Stager
Adjunct, Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Associate, Thornburg Center for Professional Development

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