Macintosh MicroWorlds Pro

MicroWorlds Pro 15-day trial demo for Macintosh OS 8.5-9.22

For Mac OS X and Windows users we recommend MicroWorlds EX

MicroWorlds is back…and better than ever!

We’re inviting you to try out, MicroWorlds Pro. This demo version will allow you to do everything that the regular software does; you can even print and save your projects. In addition, it contains all the sample projects featured on the regular software as well as our brand new, interactive on-line Help! We’ve also included our MicroWorlds plug-in, which allows you to easily post your projects on the web.

For those of you who are already acquainted with MicroWorlds, you’ll be happy to see the following features:

  • New and improved drawing tools
  • No more flipping back and forth! View your page and your procedures simultaneously
  • HTML templates & Hyperlink connections that make posting projects on the web just that much easier
    And that’s just the beginning…

Just a tip: Before downloading, be sure to check the system requirements so as not to be disappointed.

Want to know more? What are you waiting for? Try the download! But before you do, we ask one simple favor: that you register.

There is just one catch… This demo will only last 15 days.

Should you have any questions or comments, click here for ways to contact LCSI

Have fun and enjoy!

Do you need assistance getting started with our demos? Feel free to download the following documentation.

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