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The MicroWorlds Plugin for Mac

The MicroWorlds Plugin allow you to view "Web-enabled" MicroWorlds projects inside the most popular Internet browsers, whether or not you own a copy of MicroWorlds.

The MicroWorlds Plugin works with OS 10.7 and higher and these 2 browsers: Safari and Firefox.

The MicroWorlds Plugin cannot be included on a commercially distributed CD or another web site.

Downloading and Installing the MicroWorlds Plugin for Safari and Mac

Click to Download!

MicroWorlds Plugin OS X.dmg

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the download button to begin the downloading process. The file you are downloading is about 3.7 MB.

2. Quit the Browser. Go to the Finder and mount the MicroWorlds PluginOSX.dmg file. Normally, the operating system automatically does that for you. If it doesn't, double-click on the downloaded file to mount the disk image.

3. In the resulting disk image, you will find three files: the End-User License, the Installation Instructions, and the MicroWorlds Plugin itself. Read both documents and copy the MicroWorlds Plugin as indicated in the Installation Instructions.

4. Re-start your Browser and come back to this site. If you are not sure if the MicroWorlds Plugin works, look at a project in our Projects Library. If you do not see the MicroWorlds project, refer to the tips in troubleshooting.


Here's how you can view or make your own projects on the Web.

Once you have downloaded the MicroWorlds Plugin file and installed it, you can view the projects in several sections of our extensive Project Library and even download them to your hard disk to experiment with them.

If you do not own a copy of MicroWorlds, and would like to try a demo version, go back to our main page and choose the appropriate demo based on your platform and Operating System. Use the library to find ideas for your own projects.

The WEB PLAYERS ARE FREE and can be downloaded from our web site. These are the most recent versions but you should visit our web site frequently to see if any newer versions have been released, and, if so, replace your current version with the most recent one.