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What grades is the contest open to?
Grades 4 - 9

How many students can be in a team?
You can have one, two or a maximum of three students.

Where do I enter?
You enter online at:

What do I need to submit?
Please see the Rules and Regulations. You must fill out an Entry Form, submit your project file, a project description and a video. It also recommended that you send LCSI a signed Release Form.

When is the deadline?
All projects must be submitted by midnight (EST) May 31, 2007.

How will the winners be contacted?
An LCSI representative will phone the teacher of the winner(s).

What if I don't have MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition?
In order to comply with the rules and regulations, participants must submit a project that was made with MicroWorlds EX Robotics Edition.


Did you know?

. MicroWorlds EX for Mac OS X is now available.

. LCSI offers a Home Use Option (low price) to students that belong to a school that has a registered site license.

. There is a Project Library filled with numerous project ideas.

. LCSI has a newsletter with product news and announcements that is sent out to everyone registered. Register below.

. LCSI will be attending conferences and doing presentations & workshops (perhaps in your area!). Check it out!

. LCSI's products are available in different languages.

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